Technology Is Important To Today’s Senior Citizens


It is rare to meet someone that doesn’t have a cell phone or use the internet daily. We’ve grown to depend on technology to keep us connected to each other and the world around us. Senior citizens today are no different than the rest, although they may bring their own specific set of challenges to the table with regards to using technology to their best advantage. Seniors have seen technology evolve from black and white television screens to tablets made specifically for toddlers. A lot of new and exciting technology is available, but they didn’t grow up with a smartphone in their pocket. So, what technologies are important to seniors today, and what does that mean for senior living communities?

Video Games–Gaming consoles are becoming increasingly popular in senior living communities. Video games are being used for more than just recreational devices for kids. They offer low impact exercises and brain games that can help offset memory loss and keep mental acuity sharp. They make keeping the body and mind fit and healthy into a more fun and interactive activity that older adults are embracing. Some senior living communities are using gaming consoles as selling points for potential residents.

Apps–Whether on a smartphone or a tablet, apps are everywhere. Apps can be used to connect with friends and family or read a book with large print. Seniors are using technology more and more, and with the popularity of apps like Facebook and Skype, it’s easy to see why. Seniors don’t want to feel isolated, and often making the move to a senior living community can come with the fear of being alone and withdrawn. Senior living communities that boast a reliable internet connection and the capability to help seniors navigate what can be a confusing array of different social apps will be at a serious advantage.

Health tracking wearables–Items like smart watches that measure heart rate and measure physical activity are not just popular with the young crowd. Seniors are turning more and more to tracking their health habits online. Whether it’s counting steps or tracking blood pressure or blood sugar rates over time, tech savvy seniors are embracing electronics for monitoring their health and fitness goals.

The days of assuming seniors aren’t interested in new technology are over. Baby boomers have been using computers in the work place for quite some time now, and will be looking to their senior living community for help getting set up and trouble shooting problems. With a technology concierge by your side, and reliable wireless internet, your community can impress potential residents by simply showing them you understand their technology needs and are ready for the future.

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