Senior Living Trends to Look for in 2017

Predictions for senior living in 2017 continue to look towards technology advancement and decreasing senior isolation from the community at large.  How individual senior living communities take advantage of these trends will inevitably vary, but we’ve put together a list of the most common denominators to be on the lookout for this year.

  • Wireless internet is becoming a must have item in senior living.  According to research published by Flik Lifestyles, “seniors are increasingly savvy technology users – readily accessing laptops, smart phones, mobile devices and tablets, social media and cloud-based apps. They expect wireless connectivity wherever they roam, including most especially their homes.”  Read more from the report here.   The days where senior living communities could skimp and rely on wi-fi solely in common areas are coming to an end.
  • Software spending will replace hardware spending.  According to Forbes’ The 7 Unmissable Tech Predictions That Will Define 2017,  “infrastructure spending is increasingly being put into software, as more and more functionality becomes available “as-a-service” through cloud providers.”  What does this mean for senior living?  Seniors today are looking for top notch service with concierge style amenities.  As noted in the Flik Lifestyles report, “current and prospective residents expect a level of attentiveness from staff members who bring a service-oriented attitude to every interaction” and ” often seek concierge-style services including room service, car service, personal shoppers and one-on-one educational and cultural experiences.”  A technology framework that can facilitate these services will likely be software based.

  • Senior living communities are teaming up with local universities and child care centers to foster lifelong learning.  Intergenerational living facilitates relationship building and combats senior isolation, and “the fastest-growing options for retirement are communities with ties to colleges and universities, giving residents access to campus activities, from classes to concerts” according to bankrate.com.  You can read more about intergenerational living here.  There are benefits for everyone involved, and communities that embrace this model are thriving.
  • Another main focus for senior living in 2017 is the concept of total wellness. Senior living communities are continuing to move beyond the physical well being of their residents and focusing on mental health, spiritual health, and social experiences.  Last January, The Senior List posted their trends to watch for in 2016 (you can read the list here).  They noted that person centered care and niche senior living communities would rise in popularity, and that trend is not showing signs of slowing down in 2017.

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