Smart E-Call - Wireless Nurse Call Systems with Smart Phone Technology

CareConnect™ Smart™ E-Call is the innovative leader in wireless emergency nurse call systems, giving your residents the security of knowing that help is close at hand, without getting in the way of day-to-day activities. Plus your caregiver staff is empowered by the latest smart phone technology to be better informed and react more quickly when alerts occur.


Best-in-Class Technology.

  • Patented smart phone technology to empower caregivers to react quickly and efficiently
  • Campus-wide coverage – not just in-room like other systems
  • Customized reporting capability – scheduled, on demand, detailed, general, and more
  • Supports multiple types of alerts: pager, email, text message, and screen text on digital radios using TAP integration

Featuring the power of our Patented Smart Phone Technology.

— CareConnect™ Smart™ E-Call

/Unsurpassed Safety and Comfort.

  • Patented smart phone technology to empower caregivers to react quickly and efficiently
  • Wireless pendants, plungers and pull cords for each resident
  • Pendants are small, lightweight, waterproof and extraordinarily reliable thanks to best-in-class Mobile Duress technology
  • Integrated wander management features
  • Discrete, silent alerts about daily check-in/assurance anomalies
  • Automatic notification escalations sent to any cell phone, pager or email address

The CareConnect Advantage

  • 24/7 CareConnect support and customer service with senior-trained representatives
  • Automatic software maintenance and system upgrades
  • Administration and staff training
  • Periodic system audits to ensure every device works properly
  • On-site battery replacement*

Make the Right Call! At a Smart Price.

To learn more, call Jeremy Briley at 877-651-1377 or email him at jeremy.briley@esco-tech.net.

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