Dementia-Friendly Apps for Seniors

By Lucy Wyndham


Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Technology usage among seniors is rising, and it is really helping the older generation to improve their quality of life. Around 32% of seniors own a tablet computer, such as an iPad. They are instinctive to use and far easier than operating a desktop computer. A quarter of seniors also own a smartphone and use apps on it for everyday activities. This explains why so many apps are now being marketed for seniors. Many of these are suitable for people with dementia and are informative, entertaining and useful. They engage the mind and help with simple tasks like remembering names.

Creativity and Interaction

Puzzles and games can help with dementia with 'The Let’s Create Pottery' app being particularly engaging and imaginative. It helps with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as visual perception. It also allows users a good element of creativity, it is easy to use and has bright colors. You throw the clay onto the potters wheel, and then use your fingers to create beautiful pots and vases.

Along the same lines is Flower Garden. It is a good hobby if you are getting older, but perhaps haven’t got the best mobility. It is a delightfully charming app to grow your own virtual garden. Many people with dementia struggle to get out and about, but with Flower Garden, you plant seeds and care for the flowers until they are fully grown and ready to harvest. You will need to water them too and really look after them.

Assistance Remembering

It can be difficult for people with dementia remembering names and details about friends and acquaintances. Knome is a specially designed app for iPad and iPhone that helps you to remember people’s names and details about them. You create a profile for each person and add to it helpful details.

Recogneyes is a fantastic app for creating signs to help at home with remembering. You can create signs for different rooms, showing where important features are, such as light switches and plugs. You can even create signs to help you remember what is for dinner.


Mindmate is a good app for helping people with dementia to get on with their daily lives better. It is useful for carers and families too. It features reminders for daily activities that need to be completed, anything from brushing teeth, to going for a walk. There are interactive games to help keep the mind busy, and you can use it to access photos and pictures to help with day-to-day activities.

Installing useful apps onto a tablet computer can really help people with dementia keep active, busy and independent. They are entertaining, interactive and can boost quality of life.

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