CommunityEngage Simplifies Messaging, Internet Access, Training and More for Residents, Families and Staff

/More than 90% of senior living communities recognize they have deficiencies in communication – affecting residents, their families and the staff who serve them. That’s why CareConnect is pleased to offer CommunityEngage — a simple, user-friendly communication platform for residents, family and staff.

An Engaged Community Is A Healthier Community

CommunityEngage promotes a more actively connected community culture. Imagine . . .

  • Residents stay abreast of community activities
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, menus and events are splashed across screens, fostering a sense of community and eliminating isolation
  • Families log on from any computer in the world to see what is going on in the community

/Enhance Your Brand With An Innovative, Technology-Driven Guest Experience

CommunityEngage will become your ‘silent salesperson.’ It enhances the guest experience with resort-hotel style messaging that offers the next level of modern community living. For example:. 

  • Promote dining, facilities, special events and excursions with beautiful visuals
  • Offer simplified, senior-friendly internet and email platform that is Web-based so it can be used on a PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or any other computer
  • Allow staff or residents to submit service requests and have them routed to the correct department.
  • Create a 24/7 community news and information source, with automated news and weather headlines

Increase Operational Efficiencies And Save Money

CommunityEngage is also a valuable cloud-based intranet training tool that streamlines and reduces operational costs. 

  • Ensure each employee has all the relevant tools, policies and procedures, testing modules and vital information – they simply log in and complete their training
  • Reduce paper and eliminate redundancy, potentially saving thousands of dollars
  • Improve your operations and realize a stronger ROI

All features in the system were based on resident, family and operator feedback, so CareConnect CommunityEngage is truly designed with senior communities in mind.

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