/CommunityEngage is a simple, user-friendly communication platform for residents, family and staff of senior communities.

88% of the respondents in a recent survey of residents (and families) living in a senior living community, communication was rated as a “significant concern”. CommunityEngage, the InTouchLink technology-based solution, has proven to be an effective tool to solve this critical dilemma and make a difference in connecting communities with their residents and families.

It can increase resident quality of life, unburden the staff, and turn communication into a positive experience.

CommunityEngage will be available immediately as a value-added option to CareConnect and will utilize InTouchLink’s patent-pending technology to offer:

  •  A robust communication link between residents and their families
  • An internal messaging tool
  • A complete learning management system for staff
  • A 24/7 community news and information source
  • A simplified, senior-friendly internet and email platform.

The goal is to connect everyone in the senior care environment. That includes residents, family and the senior facility staff that serves them.

Combined with the communication suite of CareConnect, CommunityEngage accomplishes that goal.

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