What if new residents moving into your community found their telephone installed with the old phone number they’d been using for years? What if they got a visit during the first week to be sure they were able to connect to the Internet, so they could view the latest photos posted by the grandkids?

What if there was one person who handled all those tasks, who wasn’t even part of the community staff?

Introducing the CareConnect Technology Concierge – the human touch that makes CareConnect’s high-tech communication and entertainment suite the ideal choice for senior living communities.

A CareConnect Technology Concierge handles all the day-to- day issues with phone, TV and Internet that can be frustrating for residents and time-consuming for staff members.

The Technology Concierge is a CareConnect employee specifically trained to work with seniors, who works regularly scheduled hours on-site at your community. His or her job is to be sure residents are happy with their CareConnect products, which could mean hooking up a new television, helping a resident use Skype, Facebook or Face Time for the first time, or connecting the new tablet computer that the resident’s children bought for him.

With a CareConnect Technology Concierge onsite, your residents and your staff have a friend around to keep everyone well-connected.

“It’s been such an added value to everyone in our community. Other communities are still scrambling to make sure that telephones are hooked up and the cable company has shown up. With us it's all done.”

— Patti Griewe, New England Club

“The residents don’t even go to the staff any more with technical issues. They know what days I’m in the community and they wait for me.”

— Lee Ann Schmitz, CareConnect Technology Concierge

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