While CareConnect’s InteracTV television solution offers senior living communities a customizable range of features and choice, we understand that ease-of-use is just as important. Our Managed Remote is an easy, entirely personalized remote control option – designed specifically for seniors. 

Quite simply, there is a whole team of customer service agents behind every CareConnect Managed Remote. 

Some seniors lack the dexterity to successfully operate today’s complicated remotes, so they may limit their use – and that means limiting what they can watch. Now these residents can say goodbye to big, clunky or confusing remotes with dozens of buttons and switch to a customizable remote that fits in the palm of their hand.

/ The CareConnect customer service team can program the managed remote with only the channels the resident wants.



With the CareConnect Managed Remote, our customer service team can program the remote with only the individual resident’s favorite channels. No more long waits while scrolling with the channel up/down button, or struggling with multiple incorrectly entered numbers.

Making changes to the programming is as easy as calling *123 from a CareConnect telephone.

With our CareConnect Managed Remote Plus, residents will have a built-in alert button that notifies staff immediately of an emergency.*

Managed remote features

  • Lightweight with easy-grip sides for better control
  • Fewer buttons than typical remotes
  • Programming handled by CareConnect customer service
  • Simple DVR functionality – Play, Pause, FWD & RWD**
  • Affordable
  • Optional additional Life Safety Device* 

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