3 Things You Didn’t Know About Wander Management Systems for Seniors

Wander management. For senior living providers and families, these two words can have a negative, restricting, and even expensive connotation. But when you dig deeper, the technology and what it represents today holds some very positive surprises. Whether you are a prospective resident, a family member, or working within a senior living community, here are three things you may not have known about today’s wander management systems for seniors until now:

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3 Questions Every Senior Living Community Should Be Able to Answer

It’s likely your community has come up with a list of commonly asked questions from safety to the dining experience, and everything in between. These questions have probably already become part of an online FAQ section or are in your print materials.
Though the questions will vary depending on who’s asking (friend, relative, resident) and what the move-in circumstances are (a welcome next step or an uneasy transition), the reason the question is being asked is ultimately for the benefit of the resident themselves.
What top questions will they ask and how prepared will your senior living community be to answer? Here’s a look at three questions to expect from residents and their loved ones: 

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How To Turn Low Occupancy into an Opportunity for Your Community

After two consecutive quarters of decline, senior housing occupancy finally inched up in the third quarter of 2015, according to NIC (National Investment Center for Senior Housing and Care) numbers. But, not every senior living executive is able to say occupancy rates are up.
For many, bringing in new residents can be challenging. Some communities put a lot if time and money into something they thought would impact occupancy, but didn’t give them the returns they anticipated after all. Others remain undecided on just what investment strategy will really impact occupancy.

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