What is Telemedicine, and Will Your Community Be Ready For It?

Telemedicine is a quickly growing industry around the world.  Simply put, it is the practice of providing healthcare at a distance via telecommunication.  It began as a way to connect patients that live in rural areas with health care they would not ordinarily be able to receive because of their geographic locations.  As with all things technology related it has evolved over time, increasing in popularity as people begin to discover the convenience of “seeing” a health care professional without leaving their homes.

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How Important is Customer Service to Senior Living Communities?

Internet and cable companies are the 2 most hated industries in the country, and yet we rely on their products every day.  Their services have become essential to our lives, but their customer service typically leaves a lot to be desired.  So, how does that affect senior living communities?  Simple. A large number of seniors are still adapting to our changing technology.  They grew up in a world that is completely different than the one we’re in today, so it is no surprise that they can be more easily confused when dealing with a technology company. 

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What Are Managed Services, and Are They Right for Your Community?

Managed services are becoming buzzwords these days, and not without cause.  The trend for using managed services for technology needs has been steadily rising.  There are plenty of reasons for a senior living community to make the switch to managed services as opposed to the old way of doing things.  Managed services are all about convenience and cost effectivieness, and here’s a short list of reasons why they are right for your community.

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3 Senior Technologies That Actually Add Value and Appeal to Your Community

New and exciting technology is always emerging, even in the senior living industry.  That’s why it is important to take note and use upgrades to your advantage.  With so many options to choose from, it can be hard decide where a technology boost would be of the most benefit.  With that in mind, we’ve created a list of 3 senior living technologies that can actually add value and appeal to your community.

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Telephone Services for Senior Living Communities: 3 Questions to Answer Now

Cell phones are everywhere and you can find a smart phone in practically everyone’s hands.  Some families have even gone so far as to drop their land lines because each member of the household would rather use their own cell phone than share a common line and number.  Senior citizens are no different – embracing the technology and freedom that comes with having a phone that can go everywhere they do. That doesn’t mean they are turning their backs on landlines.  Senior living communities are still expected to be connected to good old fashioned phone service.  If your community is responsible for your residents’ telephone service, then here is a list of 4 questions you should be prepared to answer NOW.

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5 Things That Drive Residents Away from Senior Living Communities

We’ve talked a lot about what can bring residents in to a senior living facility, but nobody likes to talk about what might be driving potential residents away.  We’ve taken the time to examine some common reasons seniors may lose interest in one senior living community over another in their target living area, and found some common concerns  Here are 5 things to look out for to ensure that you aren’t inadverdently pushing a sale elsewhere. 

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How Improving Senior Safety Measures Improves Occupancy Rates

We all want to feel safe, especially in our own homes. When a senior makes the choice to leave home for a senior living community, the most important factor in their decision making is their safety. The pressure to increase occupancy rates and retain residents is one of the biggest difficulties a senior living facilty administrator can be faced with.  It makes sense then, that improving senior safety measures will improve occupancy rates as well.

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4 Simple Modern Amenities for Senior Living to Take Your Community to the Next Level

There are so many senior living community options available for today’s aging seniors that it can be hard to stand out, yet there are always steps that can be taken to make sure your community gets the notice it deserves.  Simple things can make a big difference when it comes to taking your community to the next level.  Here’s a short list of 4 ways your community can easily make tracks and get to the forefront of any senior’s search for an assisted living comunity.

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3 Revenue Streams for Assisted Living Communities You are Missing Out On

Assisted living communities are in abundance in the United States. They are certainly a profitable industry as so many older adults are looking for alternative, safe living options.  But are they as profitable as they can be?  If you aren’t using all of the revenues streams that are at your disposal, you could be missing out on even more earning potential.  Here are three extra revenue streams for senior living communities that you may be missing out on.

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How Improving Senior Living Technology Can Be Your Secret Weapon this Year

Making changes to what may already be a successful and sustainable business can seem like a risky move; but by improving senior living technology at your facility you can be arming your community with some secret weapons that will set you apart from your competition.  It’s no suprise that today’s seniors are demanding better technology services.  Whether it is to stay active in the community or to keep in touch with friends and family, having the latest technology is a sure way to attract new residents and keep your current residents happy.

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