ESCO’s President Jerry Grove Presents His Unique Solution to Confusing Remotes

Dexterity issues can become commonplace as we age, making TV remotes challenging to use when there are over 50 buttons – many of them small.   For seniors with limited mobility or arthritis, complicated remotes with features they aren’t even interested in using can be an unnecessary obstacle to enjoying their television services.  Jerry Grove set out on a mission to solve this problem.  Click play for his managed remote solution.


Staying Active And Vital: How Seniors Can Feel Young And Healthy

By Jim Vogel, ElderAction.org


Photo via Pixabay by Misign

Retirement can be a time for relaxing, traveling, and spending weekends with the grandkids, but for many, it can be a lonely transition from an active life. It’s important for seniors to maintain things socially, to stay active and fit, and to find activities that they enjoy doing so that they can stay happy and vital.

As long as an individual is physically able, daily exercise should be a priority. Not only does it help us stay fit, it can benefit joint health, stress levels, and anxiety, and it’s something that can often be done with others in a social setting. Getting up and moving is hugely beneficial to both the body and mind; it’s recommended for those battling depression because exercising releases chemicals in the brain that make the individual feel happy, and it also allows the person to focus on the present moment rather than worrying about the future or ruminating on the past.

Here are some of the best ways to stay active after retirement.


It may not sound like exercise, but gardening is pretty labor intensive and requires a lot of energy, especially in warmer months. You’ll get the added benefit of reaping the rewards come harvest time if you choose to plant veggies. Just be sure to wear light, breathable clothing in layers and wear a hat and sunscreen anytime you’re outdoors. Bug spray isn’t a bad idea, either, especially in these times of the Zika virus.


Of course, you’ll only want to walk or jog on a well-maintained trail to avoid falls, and make sure to wear good sturdy shoes and stay hydrated. Choose a park that has plenty of benches or rest areas so that if you get overheated or tired, you can sit down and take a break. This is an activity you could do with friends or even a small group, so you can be social while you get in a workout.

Swimming/water activities

Check with your local YMCA or public pool to see if there are classes available for senior activities, or just set certain days to go for a swim. Being in the water is calming and the weightless feeling helps you move more easily than you would on land, making it beneficial for joint pain.

Play with pets

Dogs can be a big source of comfort and fun for seniors; studies have shown that petting a calm dog can possibly lower blood pressure and stress levels. They are also great companions when it’s time for a workout. If you don’t own a dog, consider looking into dog walking or boarding through a site like Rover.com, which pairs up pet owners with responsible caregivers who can come let the animal out while they’re at work or out of town.

Staying active and healthy can help seniors feel they are their best selves, and it can also help push back the aches and pains that come with age. While safety is always a priority, it’s important to do what you can to feel good and get moving.

Jim Vogel created ElderAction.org along with his wife after they became caregivers for their aging parents. The site is dedicated to promoting senior health and providing valuable information to seniors and their caregivers to help ensure our nation’s seniors are able to thrive throughout their golden years.



ESCO’s Solution to Shoddy Cell Phone Coverage

We’ve all been there.  Expecting an important call or excited to share something new with family, only to look at our cell phones and discover – there’s no signal.  It’s frustrating.  It makes us less productive.  But we don’t have to accept that.


ESCO Technologies developed a solution for this problem after hearing complaints about poor reception at the Senior Living Communities we service.  In time, we came to realize that poor cell phone coverage is just a fact of life in many senior living communities.  Since we are a technology company that focuses on making residents’ better, we decided to fix it.

Place Phone Calls Over Wi-Fi

Ubiquity Mobile allows users to make phone calls using their Wi-Fi signal instead of their mobile network.  Even if you are stuck in a “dead zone,” your call will go through.  Not only will your call go through in HD Voice, you can lower your cell phone voice plan.

Ubiquity has many benefits!  For instance, users can make unlimited international calls.  This is a great tool for people with friends and families outside of the United States.  Ubiquity’s user friendly interface can also make video calls over Wi-Fi, and even has business phone capabilities.

Seamless Call Transfers Between Devices

With Ubiquity Mobile, you can seamlessly transfer calls between the Ubiquity Mobile app on your smartphone to an associated business phone, or business phone to a smartphone.  Not only can you transfer calls easily; using Ubiquity can allow your business phone number to ring on multiple devices when there is an incoming call.  For instance, if you are away from your desk and a call comes in, you can be notified on your smartphone and tablet at the same time!

CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile can keep residents and staff connected.  Seniors are vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and isolation.  With the general trend of dropping land lines and going exclusively to cell phones, you don’t want your residents to suffer from hit or miss cell reception.  Ubiquity Mobile also benefits you.  When you are on an important call but need to get on the road, just transfer that call to your smartphone and enjoy the ride.

Benefits of CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile

  • Keeps your residents and employees connected
  • Easily make calls over Wi-Fi and save your voice plan
  • Seamless call transfers across multiple devices
  • Unlimited international calling
  • Ring registered phone number on all devices, including your tablet
  • User friendly interface
  • HD Voice & Video calling capabilities
  • Never worry about cell signal

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