What Technologies Are Important To Today’s Senior Citizens?

typewriter-1.pngIt is rare to meet someone that doesn’t have a cell phone or use the internet daily.  We’ve grown to depend on technology to keep us connected to each other and the world around us.  Senior citizens today are no different than the rest, although they may bring their own specific set of challenges to the table with regards to using technology to their best advantage.  Seniors have seen technology evolve from black and white television screens to tablets made specifically for toddlers.  A lot of new and exciting technology is available, but they didn’t grow up with a smartphone in their pocket.  So, what technologies are important to seniors today, and what does that mean for senior living communities?

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4 Things to Consider in the Opex vs Capex Debate

Today’s seniors are using technology more than ever, and it is up to the communities that serve them to provide the innovations necessary to keep pace with the changing times.  How each community pays for the modernization of their technological services when it becomes time to upgrade senior living technology can vary depending on the individual circumstances and unique needs of the facility.  For most communities, technology needs are taken care of by funds allocated from either their capital expenses (capex) or their operational expenses (opex).  And when a community’s IT needs are handled by a Managed Services company, there can be some differences in how those services present in the budget.  

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What is Telemedicine, and Will Your Community Be Ready For It?

Telemedicine is a quickly growing industry around the world.  Simply put, it is the practice of providing healthcare at a distance via telecommunication.  It began as a way to connect patients that live in rural areas with health care they would not ordinarily be able to receive because of their geographic locations.  As with all things technology related it has evolved over time, increasing in popularity as people begin to discover the convenience of “seeing” a health care professional without leaving their homes.

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How Important is Customer Service to Senior Living Communities?

Internet and cable companies are the 2 most hated industries in the country, and yet we rely on their products every day.  Their services have become essential to our lives, but their customer service typically leaves a lot to be desired.  So, how does that affect senior living communities?  Simple. A large number of seniors are still adapting to our changing technology.  They grew up in a world that is completely different than the one we’re in today, so it is no surprise that they can be more easily confused when dealing with a technology company. 

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